The Negative Effects of Juicing

It is no secret that by eating the right foods, exercising often, and getting enough sleep can do wonders for one’s body, mind, and overall improvement in lifestyle and happiness. But just like most things in life; moderation in any form of diet or exercise is key.

Juicing has largely become known as a quick fix for slimming down while still consuming essential nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. The juicing trend originally popped up in the hills of Hollywood as celebrities credited it with their secret for staying thin. The fad has now trickled down into the masses and acts as a common diet for many. This expensive diet is known for it’s easy on the go method, and for more directly providing your body with the nutrients found in fruit and vegetables.

Many dietitians, however, are now straying away from recommending juicing. Citing the lack of scientific evidence that drinking a fruit is any better than simply consuming it the good old-fashioned way, by chewing it. Nutrition expert Joy Bauer says that while juicing can help one slash some calories and even drop a few pounds, the effects will not last.

The problem with juicing is that by consuming only fruits and vegetables means one is only consuming carbs and natural sugars. Juicing plans almost always wholly neglect any source of protein, which will leave you feeling hungry while doing serious damage to your metabolism. Juicing basically is a high carb, low protein, and low fiber diet. This will ultimately leave one with headaches, the inability to fully perform in their workouts, and an overall lack of energy. Furthermore, whole fruit and vegetables carry much fiber and nutrients in their skin, which is left out in the juicing process. Bauer says that if one wants to detox their body all they have to do is simply eat wisely and cleanly, and the body will take care of the rest. If you still want to try juicing, you instead could skip the full liquid diet and replace one meal a day with a juice or shake. This ensures that you still reap the benefits of the produce while being able to get your fill of protein packed foods.

If you are considering a juicing cleanse be sure to do some research beforehand. Check out fitday for some pros and cons of the fad. And for more information check out Joy’s article, and this first hand juicing experience of a fitness blogger.


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