How to use Pinterest to market yourself or your business

Pinterest is often described as the social media site for the creative, the bored, or those really into Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have all become the social media sites used to market ones personal self or brand. But Pinterest is more than just a site to casually browse when you need some new food or workout tips. The site can very effectively be used to promote a business or your personal agenda.

The median age for Pinterest users is 40, and the average income of those users is over 50K per year. Already, this should interest you and the potential gains your business could achieve from marketing on this site.

Pinterest, although 89% of the users are female, offer a variety of niche markets for men such as fashion, technology, or cars. And for all those products geared towards women, well, you definitely want to spend some time and effort creating visually appealing Pinterest boards.

Here are 5 tips for beginning Pinterest users that will be sure to turn you into a Pinterest Pro:

  1. Include your brand name, a detailed about section, and logo.
  1. Pin, repin, like, and comment on other’s boards as often as possible
  1. Use PinGroupie. This will allow you to filter in boards that are directly related to your brand or product.
  1. Check out your Pinterest Analytics. By using Pinterest Analytics you will learn where most of your Internet traffic is coming from. This will allow you to appeal more to those followers, and increase your site visits.
  1. Self-Promote. But keep it light, detailed, and visually entertaining. Obviously you will want to pin your blog posts, websites, and any products, but you never want to bombard your followers with information relating only to what you are selling until you are well established. Keep it colorful and attractive, while throwing in related topics to your board as well.

Now that you are familiar with the basics, be sure to check out these articles for more tips, sign up, and start pinning!


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