How to stay germ-free at the gym

The gym is a mecca for germs. Whether it be from those seriously sweating all over the cardio machines, dripping on the communal exercise mats, or those die-hards coughing and sneezing everywhere because they can’t just seem to miss a workout even when sick. The gym is literally crawling with all types of germs and viruses, turning the place that should get you into tip-top shape into one of the most common places to get you sick.

To avoid coming into constant contact with unwanted germs, here are four tricks to keep you healthy and your workouts full of energy.

  1. Go for the clean machines

The spray bottles of sanitizer and towels are there for a purpose. Use them. A quick swipe of a machine before and after your use can significantly reduce the risk of coming into contact with any sweat or germs left behind from the previous user.

  1. Cover any open cuts or scrapes

By covering any minor open cuts will ensure quicker healing time for your wounds as well as reducing the risk of picking up an infection, or giving one to anybody you may come in contact with.

  1. Bring your own personal equipment

The communal exercise mats, towels, or jump ropes are used quite frequently every day. They also are most likely not properly cleaned as often or as thorough as they should be. Reduce the risk of working out in someone else’s sweat by bringing your own mat or towel. Just be sure to keep your equipment clean too with a wash or rinse after every use.

  1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before leaving

During your workout, class, or pick-up game you will come into contact with many people or pieces of equipment. If you plan on waiting to shower until you get home, be sure to at least do a scrub down of your hands so you reduce the rick of carrying any germs outside of the gym and into your own personal space.

Germs are everywhere, including the gym. But that should not discourage you from getting involved and staying healthy. Be cautious but always remember to enjoy your workout and get the most out of all your gym has to offer! For more tips on how to stay germ free at the gym, check out these articles.


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