Steps to creating the perfect green smoothie

By now you must be familiar with the awesome health trend of making thick, creamy and delicious green smoothies as a way of getting in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. If you have given this trend a try, however, you may have realized how hard it is to make a smoothie full of vegetables taste sweet and yummy like the typical smoothie profiles you have come to know and love.

Here are some easy tips and tricks to ensure that you enjoy sucking down your veggies without tasting the ground from which they sprouted.

  1. Follow the 60/40 formula. Dumping every ingredient at once into a blender will probably not result in a sweet smoothie. Break out your measuring cups and measure out 60% fruits to 40% leafy greens. Ideally your smoothie will be around 2 cups greens + 2 cups liquid + 3 cups ripe fruit
  2. Ditch the ice and freeze your fruit ahead of time to grab and throw in the blender. Your drink will be extra chilly, you won’t waste the ripe fruit you haven’t gotten around to eating yet, and the ice won’t water down the smoothie.
  3. Blend in Stages. The whole point of making a green smoothie is so you won’t have to chew your veggies, and no one likes a chunky smoothie. Try blending up your leafy greens and liquid base first then add the fruit and whatever else you may want and blend again.
  4. Get creative. Don’t be scared to throw in some nuts, or some organic raw honey for that extra super-food boost or touch of sweetness. Just don’t go crazy with too many ingredients, stick to a few good ones and you are in for a sweet and easy treat!

For more ideas on some great green smoothie recipes check out these articles!


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